Choosing A Teen Therapist

A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

In choosing a therapist for your teenager, you want someone with experience in working with complex teenage issues and family dynamics. – Sandra

It is important to choose a therapist who not only has an understanding of adolescent phase of life challenges, but can work masterfully with families in conflict, and support the parents in setting limits. Try to find a therapist with whom you, the parent, feel comfortable and well understood, as you will be trusting them to guide you in the care of your child.

Learn how the therapist will handle keeping you updated about your teen’s process and progress. As your child’s advocate, their job is to join with your teen, that they might learn about, and advise you, on your child’s needs. Ideally, they act as a bridge between the two of you.

Although therapists “in training” are required to spend 500 hours working with children and families, not all therapists have experience working directly with the teen population. Because teens have a developmental journey all their own, that differs significantly from a small child or young adult, it is important that the therapist you choose has a thorough understanding of this phase of life, and it’s associated risks and challenges.

It is important to examine your readiness to embrace the changes that may be necessary for you, your teen, and your family to make, for Teen Therapy is a collaborative relationship. Since you, the parent, will need to reinforce the therapist’s work in your home, additional parent coaching work may be indicated to support you in setting and maintaining firm boundaries, as well as helping to heal the relationship between you and your teen.

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