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A wholistic approach to helping adolescents thrive.


Specializing In:

Adolescents & Emerging Young-Adults
Teenagers often find themselves struggling to effectively meet the challenges of adolescence. Rather than put a “label” on your child, I help your teenager discover alternative ways of thinking and responding to challenging situations.

Emerging-Adulthood Specialist

Parenting Teens Support
It is vital that parents understand their teen’s behavior rather than merely react to it. I help parents get the whole picture of what’s going on in their child’s mind, including the developmental changes that occur during adolescence.

Respectful Parenting Coach

Diverse Multi-Cultural Families
It’s not uncommon for parents to find their teenager’s behavior confusing and even disturbing. I help parents bridge cultural and generational divides to gain an understanding of how they can best support their child.

Parenting-Teens Expert


Benefits Of Enlisting My Services:

* Understanding & Changing Self-Defeating Behaviors
* Learning How To Communicate Respectfully
* Enhancing Family’s Relationships
* Mastering Social Interactions
* Clarifying Dreams & Goals
* Improving Grades

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… a sanctuary where adolescents come to express their feelings, overcome their challenges, and discover their healthiest self.

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Let me put the challenges your teen or family may be facing into perspective, and offer you fresh solutions you may not have previously considered. As an experienced Teen Therapist, I can assist you in finding solutions to problems at home or at school, and teach your teen the skills they need to thrive.

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Professional Recommendations:

“Sandra Dupont is an empathic and extremely effective teen therapist. I have seen the improvements she has made in teens’ lives first hand. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” – Jared Maloff, Psy.D.

“Sandra Dupont is an exceptional therapist. Clients rave about her… Adolescents especially are drawn to her.  Ms. Dupont is one of the best in town! I would send my own daughter to her.” – David Kuroda, LCSW

“Sandra has found a way to translate the wisdom that comes with age into a language that adolescents can relate to. She understands teenagers on a deeply emotional level and has a completely unique way of relating to them. ” – Danny Kopels, CADC II

“Sandra’s commitment to guiding and mentoring teens through their difficult periods is done with grace and elegance. Helping teens understand who they are as a valuable individual is where Sandra’s work shines.” – Greg Stebbins, Ed.D.

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