Teens: Need To Tame Your Anger?

A Note From the L.A.Teen Therapist

Elizabeth Kenny once said “He who angers you conquers you.” Did you know that anger can be caused by your thoughts as well as external events? – Sandra

Anger alerts you to the awareness that you feel threatened in some way. Often, the person or event that you feel angry at is being perceived as hurting you. When two people are angry at each other each feels that they are innocent, while the other person is perceived as being abusive.


  • Life is supposed to be fair
  • Everyone should always treat me well
  • People who are abusive to me should be punished
  • When people are being mean to me it’s really not my fault
  • If I seek revenge against someone, then the other person deserved it

There are rules for succeeding at life, and if you play by the rules, you will most likely succeed. But if you play by the wrong rules, it can be quite difficult to win.


  • You don’t have to treat others how they treat you
  • Try treating people the way you want them to treat you
  • Do not be mean to others just because they are mean to you

We often get angry because we are in pain. Did you know that showing someone that you are in pain is a more effective way to get them to feel remorse for what they did than raging at them?

(Acknowledging Izzy Kalman)

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