Does Your Teenager Need Therapy?

As an experienced teen therapist, I help parents answer questions regarding concerns about their teen’s depression, adolescent anxiety, peer-relationship issues, learning challenges and high school performance issues, and effective parenting practices.

I believe it is important for parents connect regularly with their teenager. Ideally, they should try to set aside 20 minutes every day to talk to their teen about their day and if they have any concerns. If are noticing your teen is unhappy, or that your teen’s behavior has significantly changed at home, reach out to your child’s school to discover find if they are noticing similar changes in your adolescent.

Major warning signs to be on the look out for include: your teen consciously avoiding their friends, changing their eating habits, spending a lot of time alone, and/or being unable to sleep at night. Another reason to consider therapy for your teenager is when there is a lot of stress going on in your home. Illness, divorce, financial pressures, and death of beloved family members can easily all throw a teen into an emotional tailspin.

I help parents to support their teens, as well as improve the communication between the two of you. As a neutral third party, I can help put things into perspective and offer solutions not previously considered. As an experienced teen counselor, specializing in the treatment of adolescent phase of life issues, I assist families in find the solutions to problems at home or at school, as well as teach your teen skills that they need to thrive in today’s society.

If your teen is struggling, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it. I invite you take that critical next step, and allow me to demonstrate the support I can offer to you and your family.

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