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 A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

I gently guide teens in a direction that gets them thinking about who they truly are, what they want, and how to express themselves with kindness and grace. – Sandra

In her book, What Would Your Teen Therapist Say?: A Workbook For Discovering Your True Self-Expression (Volume 1), Los Angeles-based teen therapist Sandra Dupont presents weekly tasks and then provides space for her reader to work through the process in writing.

Thought-provoking themes in the workbook include listening closely to your conversations to make sure you’re saying what you really mean; paying attention to how you spend your time to determine the worthiness of those activities; examining your belief system to see if it still fits; or asking if your friends support you and your dreams.

She also asks the reader to identify inspirational or teachable moments in their own lives, challenges them to find success in their failures, and encourages them to share the gift of their own wisdom with others.

Each weekly lesson prompts the reader to answer questions or imagine various scenarios, some of which are designed to focus on the positive or help the reader develop courage and confidence. The exercises are not always introspective. The teen therapist also asks her readers to find ways to give from the heart, and think about how they can make a difference in the world.

For teens in need of guidance during one of the most difficult transitions in life, this book will help them to become independent, self-aware and self-fulfilled young adults.” by Cameron James–Freelance Writer


“The best example of Sandra’s work is in my daughter’s renewed enthusiasm and attitude towards life. My daughter now sees every problem as one that can be solved, every uncomfortable experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Sandra’s work with my daughter has helped her become a more secure, confident and happy individual.”

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