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The Dali Lama once said: “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.”  – Sandra

My grandparents were immigrants, my brother was bullied learning disability, and I was a shy teen working hard to feel comfortable in social situations. Therefore, I developed a deep and abiding compassion for anyone, especially young people, who feel marginalized and treated as “others.”

Since live in a diverse world where contrasts abound in educational backgrounds, culture and traditions, socio-economic status, physical appearance, political views, religion and age, I feel it is essential to model to our future generations how to live together in peace. Towards this end, I devote my days to teaching parents and teens how to respond to each other in conscious and respectful ways.

With bullying taking place in epidemic proportions, every day I see the toll it takes on young people. Where does bullying begin? In my experience, it can often begin at home. What once seemed like normal parental responses when today’s parents were growing up – raising your voice, swearing, name calling, or pointing your finger in their face – is now recognized as causing shame. To dispel their feelings of shame, kids will attempt to impress others, intimidate others and even reject others, resulting in the relational-aggression we see today on high school campuses.

Last year I helped film a pilot for a new anti-bullying show. In it, I interviewed 7 teens, all of whom who had been either victims or bullies. The kid’s stories were both heartbreaking and heartwarming, but ultimately inspired me to believe that we can significantly reduce the problem of bullying.

I have advanced training in anti-bullying techniques. If your teen is being bullied, allow me to demonstrate the support I can offer.

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