Should You Tell A Guy You Like Him?

A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

It is very important that you take care of your feelings and make good choices when it comes to interacting with boys. Boys usually start getting interested in girls around middle school, and if a guy likes you, he is probably going to show it. – Sandra

“I  sort of like this guy in my class, only he doesn’t know it. What should I do? Should I say something to this  guy?”

To know if a guy likes you, you want to look for signs like whether he teases you (nicely) or makes a point of paying attention to you. Since girls act more mature than guys at this age, don’t be surprised when a guy gets uncomfortable if he finds out that you like him. He is worried about what his buddies think of him.

A lot of kids prefer to hang out in groups. This allows you to be around the people you like without the pressure of feeling awkward. Middle School is a great time to become friends with guys and learn who you feel comfortable around. Do you like to be with guys who are funny? How about smart? Does it matter if he is drop dead gorgeous, if he is not a kind person?

Don’t be in a rush to find someone just because some of your friends may have declared they have a “boyfriend”. If the guy you like does not show interest in you, move on. Not everyone is going to appreciate your charm and beauty.

If you like a guy, just act normal. Smile and say hi when you see him. If he stops and asks you a question, be friendly and start a conversation. Find out about his hobbies, or what he likes to do on his weekends. Get to know him as a person.

What you really want to know is whether he is the kind of guy who enjoys your company and treats you with respect. Remember, take good care of your feelings by choosing to hang around guys you consider to be true friends.

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