Is Everyone Else Dating – Except You?

A Note From the L.A. Teen Therapist

It can be hard when your friends begin dating – and you feel left behind. – Sandra

“My friends are all changing, going out with guys, while I’m left alone with no boys. What should I do? “

Change is not easy for anyone. This can be a sad time, as the closeness you once felt is not there in the same way anymore, and you experience a loss of something you value. I think what you are mainly referring to is the fact that your relationships with your friends are changing.

Growing up is filled with changes. New schools, body changes, meeting new people, saying goodbye to people you liked, and starting to date…. Change, although challenging, can also mean exciting new beginnings.

The time when girls and guys start dating does not happen exactly the same way for everyone. There are some girls that jump right in, and others that prefer to take things slower. But eventually, everyone seems to move into enjoying this new phase of life.

Something that could be helpful during this time of transition is to be a very good listener to your friends. I would guess that they have a lot to talk about regarding their adventures in dating. There could be a lot to learn from their experiences. It is a way to stay connected and show that you care.

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