Teens: Got A School Dress Code?

A Note From the L.A. Teen Therapist

You can still express your unique style while wearing a school uniform. Of course you want to look cute. It makes sense that you would be looking at the popular girls for ideas on how to do that. – Sandra

“Our school uniforms are pretty ugly and I really want to wear cute outfits like the popular girls but still follow the dress code. How do I do that?”

Since adolescence is a time when boys and girls start checking each other out, some girls try to stand out in different ways. School uniforms are designed to make everyone look similar. What kind of attention do you imagine the outfits you mentioned that the popular girls wear are attracting? Is that the kind of attention you want, or are you looking for ways to express who you are?

The fact that you want to follow the dress code shows respect for your school. I think your parents and teachers will appreciate that, and in return, treat you with respect. As for looking cute, there are other creative ways to approach that goal. Although I don’t know your exact uniform, I do know that there may be options in regards to how you wear your hair, as well as accessorizing with bracelets, necklaces, leggings and tights, and shoes.

It is important to find a style that feels right for you. You don’t necessarily have to look like everyone else. However, clothing is just one of the ways that you can express the unique person that you are. A wise person once told me, “one of the best thing to wear to school and really stand out is a smile.”

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