Teen Girls: Dealing With Teen Boys

A Note From the L.A. Teen Therapist

Do you find yourself feeling shy around guys? Read up on tips here. – Sandra

“I’ve always been friends with boys, but as lately, every time I see one of the guys I’ve been close to since kindergarten, I get really shy. What’s wrong with me?”

I would guess that you are attracted to the guys you are feeling shy around. This is not unusual. As hormones change, biologically we become interested in people who could be potential future life partners. This can leave you feeling self-conscious around people who, up until now, were simply your friends. Also, as you grow up, you don’t always talk about the same things you used to talk about as a child. Therefore, you may find yourself struggling to be with old friends in a new way. These can leave you feeling awkward, talking about random stuff.

Our society tends to define people in terms of male and female roles, with different sets of expectations for each. This can be confusing, as those roles were not so obvious when you as children. Boys and girls who played together as children may start moving into different areas of interest as they prepare for their roles as young men and women. People you thought you knew well can suddenly feel like strangers as they move in different directions from you.

Your job, during this time, is to discover who you are, and who you like spending time. My suggestion is to choose companions with whom you feel comfortable being yourself when you are around them.

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