Helping Your Teen “Grow-Up”

A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

Is your teen commonly feeling cranky, irritable and unhappy? Do they skip assignments in school? Do they defy the limits you set for them? Are they struggling socially, unable to make or keep solid friendships? – Sandra

Becoming a mature teenager means learning to take other’s needs into consideration, learning to empathize with other’s feelings, learning to treat others with respect, and learning to make decisions beyond what their friends think. Self-absorption is something that teens need to grow out of on the path to becoming young adults.

It is understandable and appropriate for a small child to believe that the world revolves solely around them. They often have no idea how tired their mother may feel at the end of her day. They cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices their parents make for them. Nor can they understand the sadness, hurt and frustration parents may experience in their day to day life. To a small child’s reasoning, their parents solely exist to take care of their needs. Small children tend to live in the “now” with little tolerance for waiting. Small children are developmentally expected to be self-preoccupied, self-indulgent, and self-important.

Obstacles to maturity can include learning disabilities, ADHD, and psychological traumas. A parent’s depression, marital discord, substance abuse, employment challenges, and lack of knowledge of helpful adolescent child-rearing techniques can also impact a child’s developmental progression.

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