Teaching Teens Life Skills

A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

The following are some teen skills that teens will need to know to succeed in the world. – Sandra


  • Expressing feelings appropriately
  • Making a sincere apology
  • Resisting peer-pressure while maintaining dignity with peers
  • Maintaining proper and appropriate hygiene
  • Using proper table manners
  • Planning and preparing a meal
  • Managing time effectively
  • Being a smart consumer
  • Using conflict resolution techniques to avoid arguments
  • Maintaining proper boundaries with others
  • Minimizing the chances of becoming a victim of crime
  • Handling emergency situations
  • Knowing how to act and what to say during a job interview
  • Earning, saving and spending money responsibly
  • Being able to recognize a person of poor character

If not, you may want to consider setting aside a portion of time each week to discuss and teach these skills to your teen. The best way to approach the subject is by creating a heartfelt discussion. You want to make this a positive experience for your teen.

Implementing these concepts can take some time, and will vary substantially depending on the emotional maturity of your child. Please don’t feel like you have to tackle them all at once. Try setting aside 20 minutes at a time each week where there are no interruptions, and have fun with the process.


“The best example of Sandra’s work is in my daughter’s renewed enthusiasm and attitude towards life. My daughter now sees every problem as one that can be solved, every uncomfortable experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Sandra’s work with my daughter has helped her become a more secure, confident and happy individual.”

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