Is Your Teen Depressed?

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A Note From The L.A. Teen Therapist

Teen depression seems to be on the increase these day. We need to understand what is causing this epidemic in our teenagers. – Sandra

During the teen years the pressure to conform with their peers can be incredibly strong. Social media, advertising and television are all telling adolescents how they are supposed to look and feel.

A teen’s natural expression, talents, achievement and character can seem inadequate next to posts they view on social media. Kids who feel different or deprived may then spiral down into self-judgement and loathing. To me, the rise in depression is the result of changes in our society–where a teen’s needs for companionship, healthy goals, responsibility, connection to others and life-meaning are not being met.

Parents are often express distress at their teen’s pain and lack of interest in activities. Yet, pushing teens towards a desired outcome (without exploring the underlying cause), simply creates pressure and distance between the parent and their child. Parents need to understand that happiness is not some end point to arrive at, but rather something that occurs in moments … and a more effective goal would be to help teens seek a sense of peace and contentment through life’s ups and downs, learn how to see and accept life as is, and find ways to respond appropriately to each situation.

There is a distinction between Situational Depression; a normal reaction to stressful situations or losses, and Clinical Depression; believed to be caused by brain chemistry and not related to external situations. Regardless of the cause, it would be beneficial for teens to work through depressed periods with my professional help. For emotional well-being means learning how to find resilience, contentment, comfort, and serenity among the various expressions of one’s moods.

If your teen is in crisis, I would be happy to asses the situation and help remedy it.


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